Ernst Laemmert, Broker


Mal & Seitz

A native of Stuttgart Germany, I emigrated to the US after finishing prep school. After working my way through college, I graduated at UC Berkley with a BS in forestry and Natural Resource Management. Working my way up the ladder in the forest products industry as cartographer, photogrammetrist, surveyor, forest engineer, field forester to management and executive positions, running Northwest timber companies. Two additional decades were spent as owner and partner of several forestry consulting companies, assisting private forest land owners in optimizing their short, medium and long term timber returns. Principally working in the Northwest, my activities ranged both Nort and South of the US Border and as far as Australia. My professional mantra has always been to adhere to a sustained yield concept, leaving the long term features of managed lands in a state as good or better as when I found them.

Due to legislated regulatory restrictions in the forest product industry unrelated to the Northwest timber supply, I changed to a second career in real estate, where I have since been working for a decade as a licensed real estate broker in the State of Oregon. It was an easy fit for me, having worked with real estate, as well as with land and timber appraisals for decades as a principal Purchaser and Seller of major properties, I do enjoy the contact with my clients and the personal interface, whether it is with a seasoned and knowledgeable Buyer or Seller, or guiding a young couple through all stages towards their first dream home. 

I pride myself in being well rounded and informed in the aspects of Real Estate, an very detail oriented, and with a high energy level which generates fun and satisfaction in my clients. That in turn gives me the motivation and drive to remain a productive and respected member of the Real Estate profession in the years to come.